Growing Pains

Good morning!

Thank you so much for your patience with our pictures last evening.  I learned a lot from the experience last night, reflected on how to make it better, and met with Dr. Albertus this morning for suggestions on how to improve the process overall.  Dr. Albertus was very supportive and sends his appreciation for your patience, too.  One of the main things that I learned last night was that in the future it would be better to do our individual senior photos on at a different time than when trying to take our full band photos.  This will limit the time that all students need to be in uniform and will be more courteous of all of our families’ time.  This was only our second year taking senior photos of all seniors for inclusion in the program and our numbers were almost triple.  Last year we had 18 seniors take photos and this year we have 43!  I am sorry that the evening did not go as smoothly as anyone would have liked, and I appreciate your trust and confidence that we will do better next time.

We had a few families who were not able to take their photos last night for various reasons.  I have verified another photo opportunity on Thursday at 6:10PM for our seniors and our parents/family members who still need to take their photo.  If you could please e-mail Ms. Dothard at to let us know if you can make it on Thursday, that will help us to know how many photos we will be taking and do our best to get your photo taken as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you again for your continued support!  Have a great day!

Mr. Carr

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