Month: February 2015

School closed again for Thursday

SCHOOLCAST: All CARROLLTON CITY SCHOOLS will remain CLOSED Thursday, Feb. 26, because of continued inclement weather. Just relaying the school cast that I received a few moments ago.  Hoping that everyone enjoys their time with their families and are staying safe and warm.

School closed

In case you didn’t receive the school cast here is a copy: SCHOOLCAST: All CARROLLTON CITY SCHOOLS will be CLOSED Wednesday, Feb. 25, because of a winter weather WARNING. Symphonic Band rehearsal is also cancelled tomorrow since school is closed. I hope that everyone stays safe and warm tomorrow!


Good evening! I just wanted to post a quick update for next week as we continue to be very busy as we prepare for LGPE and are in the midst of winter guard season.   Our Pre-Festival was a great success and the students and I really appreciate your attendance. […]

Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up

Greetings everyone, As a follow-up to our post at the beginning of the week, An Extraordinary Opportunity, here is the sign-up form for those interested in helping provide food for the Josh Robichaux family. We are taking a slightly different approach this time due to the complexity of the situation, given […]

An Extraordinary Opportunity

One of the things that is very special about being part of the Carrollton Trojan Band Program is the sense of community and family that binds our students, alumni and parents. We work hard, we laugh hard and when given the opportunity we come together in force to support our […]