Month: February 2015

School closed

In case you didn’t receive the school cast here is a copy: SCHOOLCAST: All CARROLLTON CITY SCHOOLS will be CLOSED Wednesday, Feb. 25, because of a winter weather WARNING.

Symphonic Band rehearsal is also cancelled tomorrow since school is closed.

I hope that everyone stays safe and warm tomorrow!


Good evening!

I just wanted to post a quick update for next week as we continue to be very busy as we prepare for LGPE and are in the midst of winter guard season.   Our Pre-Festival was a great success and the students and I really appreciate your attendance.  The judges provided us with great feedback that we will use to continue to improve before our performance in March.  Both band perform on March 12, 2015 at Woodland High School in Bartow County.  Symphonic Band performs at 11:10am and Wind Ensemble performs at 7:20pm.  An itinerary for the day will be posted soon, but I wanted to remind you that the concert is free and open to the public.  We would love for you to make the trip to Woodland to support us as we perform at our District Large Group Performance Evaluations.

Here is a quick reminder of what is happening this week.

  • Monday: Wind Ensemble 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Tuesday: Winterguard 3:00pm-5:30pm
  • Wednesday: Symphonic Band 3:00pm-5:00pm
  • Thursday: Winterguard 3:00pm-5:30pm
  • Friday: Progress reports go home
    • Symphonic Band Percussion: 3:00pm-4:30pm
    • All-State Continues
  • Saturday: All-State Band Concert

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up

Greetings everyone,

As a follow-up to our post at the beginning of the week, An Extraordinary Opportunity, here is the sign-up form for those interested in helping provide food for the Josh Robichaux family. We are taking a slightly different approach this time due to the complexity of the situation, given the distance the Robichaux’s live from Carrollton, their dietary restrictions and the uncertainty of their schedules over the next several weeks. Rather than our normal food sign-up where you would pick a day and item to contribute, this time we will simply be collecting your commitment and contact information. You will then be contacted by Rebecca Huls, wife of CJHS Band Director, Joe Huls, who has already mounted a significant effort on behalf of the Robichaux’s. She will be coordinating participation, meals, delivery etc., based on the Robichaux’s needs as Everett progresses through the recovery process.

SupportingSo if you would like to help with food for Josh and his family, please take a minute to complete the form now so Rebecca will know that she has our support and the resources she needs to properly care for and support the Robichaux family as they navigate this major life event.

Trojan Band family… Let’s do this!
CHS Band Staff and Boosters

Robichaux Family Food Sign-Up Form

An Extraordinary Opportunity

LiftingupOne of the things that is very special about being part of the Carrollton Trojan Band Program is the sense of community and family that binds our students, alumni and parents. We work hard, we laugh hard and when given the opportunity we come together in force to support our program and its members when it is most needed. Now such an opportunity is before us.

As CHS Assistant Band Director, Josh Robichaux, and his family prepare for their infant son’s upcoming surgery and lengthy recovery, we want to come together in an effort to lift up this young family. The Robichauxs are expecting to be at the hospital with their son Everett for at least a week after his surgery, so what we would like to do is provide them with some gift cards that they can use for food etc., while they are away from their home. Then when they return home, we would like to further support them by taking in home cooked meals so that they can continue to focus all of their time and attention on their son’s recovery.

So for now, we are asking that anyone who is able and willing, please provide a financial donation on behalf the Robichauxs. If each member of our extensive band family just gave a couple of dollars, what a remarkable message of love, compassion, and encouragement it would be to Josh, Lindsay and Everett. Mrs. Dothard will be collecting these donations through the end of this week, until Friday 2/13/15, so please take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity to make a difference.

Then, once we have a better idea of when the family will be returning home, we will post a menu and sign-up sheet for those of you who would be willing to prepare a meal or part of a meal for the Robichauxs. We did something very similar to this during band camp and it was a great success, so we are hoping that all of our amazing home cooks will once again rise to the occasion. So if you are interested, please be watching for that sign-up sheet to be release.

Finally, we realize that each of use are given different abilities, talents and resources and not everyone will be able to give of their finances or offer to cook, but what everyone can do is to take just a few moments out of each day during this time and lift this family up in your thoughts and prayers. It is during these moments, these opportunists that we all can become stronger.

As always, if you have any questions, contact the band room at: 770-834-0550 or email the boosters at:

CHS Band Staff and Boosters