Band Audition Results

Good evening!

I just wanted to take a minute to post audition results.  Before I post them I wanted to take a minute to recognize our top 10 auditions.  These students scored highest out of all students!  These students scores were all above 150 points and the top score was over 200!  Please help me congratulate the following:

  1. Hannah Johnson
  2. Emma Eddleman
  3. Caleb Whitworth
  4. Luke Bass
  5. Daniel Kuntz
  6. Natan Skinner
  7. Alex Madden
  8. Ross Gordon
  9. Kalia Holland
  10. Angela Pham

It is a huge honor to be listed among these top 10, because with more than 100 members in our band you are our top 10%!  Thank you for setting the bar high and pushing each other to do better!

I also want to mention our top 20 most improved wind students!  I wish that I could include percussion, but this was their first assessment with this rubric.  I can include them after the next audition.  The following students improved their scores by at least 27 points!  I am impressed by your handwork and excited for the future of our program.

  1. Keonna Stanley
  2. Madison Grubbs
  3. Chase Hornsby
  4. Nathan Skinner
  5. Parker Reed
  6. Ben Herndon
  7. Abrie’l Murphy
  8. Rebekah Cole
  9. Rachel Ivestor
  10. Katahj Copley
  11. Alex Madden
  12. Emily Chesser
  13. Kendall Ozier
  14. Zach Beecham
  15. Will Rollins
  16. Tamera Wilkerson
  17. Alyssa Moore
  18. Briahna Williams
  19. Eli Redick
  20. Haynes Driver

Below are links to the audition results.  Keep in mind that some of you will be extremely excited and others a little disappointed.  Before you brag about your results on social media, please keep your band mates in mind and celebrate appropriately.  You are to be commended for a job well done, but all of our members are important to having a great band program and we want to encourage all students to continue improving and trying their best everyday.  If you are disappointed, remember that you have another audition close to the end of the upcoming semester.  You can start today with practicing your scales, chromatic scales, and use to improve your sight-reading skills.  Also, I am available before or after school to assist you in your practicing.  I will help you learn to practice better to achieve higher, just ask and I would be happy to make time for you.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful break!  I look forward to seeing you in a few days at the Chick-fil-a Bowl!

Wind Ensemble • Spring 2015

Symphonic Band • Spring 2015

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