Have You Heard?

As this week gets underway we just wanted to remind everyone that this is an open week on the Trojan’s football schedule, so there is no game and no band activities scheduled on Friday (9/12/2014). So enjoy a well deserved Friday off!

Also, we have added a few new areas to our website. Under the ‘About’ area of the Navigation Bar you will find links to our photos albums and videos on YouTube. We will keep these areas updated as we receive new media from time to time. Additionally we added some information and a log in link to our new Student Management System, Charms. To find out more about this system and/or log in, please visit the ‘Charms’ area of the Navigation Bar. (see screenshot below for clarification)



Lastly, please be on the look out for announcements regarding or upcoming annual All-In-One fundraiser, due to launch September 25th, 2014. This is a very important fundraiser for the Band Boosters and we need everyone in the trenches with us! So get ready and get fired up to sell some quality fruit and meat to support our band students and staff.

There are lots of other exciting things on the horizon as we continue to press forward… so stay tuned in and connected! If you haven’t taken advantage of all of our means of communication, please review this older post on how to stay informed: CHS Communication Options

Thanks for all you do and have a great week!

Best Regards,
CHS Band Boosters



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