CHS Trojan Band Updates – April 8, 2014

ImageWe hope everyone enjoyed their spring break. We know that all of the kids deserved a break from all of the winter activities.

Winter Performance Updates:

Congratulations to the Winter Guard and Indoor Percussion on great seasons. They both finished their respective seasons in Chattanooga Tenn on the weekend of March 29th. Both groups had an outstanding season. The Indoor Percussion group finished in Second place by 0.15 points. This is an exceptional achievement considering they had 30 Freshman and Sophomores out of 34 total members. The girls finished strong with an equally youthful group as well. This gives a good start to next season with so much young talent returning. Great Job to both groups.

Band BBQ is Approaching:

We hope everyone is out selling a bunch of BBQ. The turn in is approaching soon and we want to eclipse last years sale. This is only possible if everyone jumps on board to make the sale a success. Remember that this sale affects every band student so every ticket counts. We do not want to have any packets returned with all of the tickets in them. Make a point to at least sell to your family and friends. This will guarantee a successful spring fundraiser. Happy Selling.

We will be sending out more information on the spring schedule as it becomes available. Until then, have a great day and sell some BBQ.

Jeff and Nicole Jones
Band Boosters President

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