Month: October 2015

Fantastic Finish!

Way to go band!  So proud of all of our students, parents, and staff on a great season.  We set a goal of making finals at the Lafayette Marching Classic, where we competed against some outstanding band programs.  It was a very rewarding day to score high enough and perform a second time.  The electricity that the students performed with during our second performance was purely magical!  What a fantastic finish to a very rewarding competitive marching season.  Numerous people complimented our show and stated that ours was their favorite.  Very proud of our students for being entertaining and classy!

Congratulations band on a wonderful day!  I hope that you will cherish the memories that we made yesterday for the rest of your lives.  I will never forget being asked at Senior Night by Dr Albertus while we were warming up to perform our entire show because so many fans had attended the game specifically to see our marching show!  Then only a week later being asked by Troup County’s Band Director if we would perform our entire show for his students and community.  We have created something very special together this year and I am very proud of everyone who made it possible!  From our staff brainstorming, Mr. Huls arranging and creating drill, parents creating and designing props, Mr. Kuykendall creating an amazing wizard, guard parents creating flags, lots of volunteers to chaperone, load equipment, haul equipment, stage props, create special effects, to Mr. Robichaux designing electronics as an extra layer of music, and everyone who played a role in making this happen this year!  You’ve created a very special show that will always be remembered!

Woodward’s director has asked that we present at least part of our competition show because he has heard so much about it and wants his students to be able to see us.  That game is not until next week, but this week I think it would be good to perform part of our show too, which will allow our students to have some time off this week.    We will only rehearse after school on Thursday from 3:15PM-5:00PM.  No rehearsal on Monday or Tuesday of this week.  Here is the itinerary for Friday’s game.

Friday’s Itinerary VS Sandy Creek

  • 3:30PM Pizza
  • 4:45PM in Uniform
  • 5:00PM Depart
  • 7:30PM Kick-Off
  • Approx. 11:30PM Return to CHS

Always a Class Act

Congratulations on the best performance of the year thus far! I am so proud of the excitement and energy that our students displayed during their performance! I love marching band because of the amount of personal growth that I observe from each of our students!  They begin to develop more independence, a sense of responsibility for themselves and each other, compassion for one another, and a chance to experience different perspectives that will help them make better decisions as a leader later in life.  Remembering that we are dealing with a highly subjective competitive event creates frustration sometimes, but it also allows for us to learn how to deal with life when outcomes aren’t as expected.

I wish that the awards ceremony had been more thorough and provided a better experience for all the students involved, but I am extremely proud of the integrity and maturity of our students’ composure during the ceremony.  The recap was emailed to me after the ceremony and this is what I was able to decipher from the results.  There is a lot here that we should celebrate: Our band scored Superiors in all captions (Music, Visual, General Effect, Colorguard, Percussion, and Drum Major).  We finished 1st Place Drum Major, 2nd Place Percussion, and 3rd place Band and Color guard in Class AAAAA. We also finished 1st in Drum Major, 2nd in Percussion, 4th place Music and Color guard, and 5th place in Visual in the Overall Competition.

The other part of our activity that I love is because it is subjective, we will never be done.  There is always work to do, drill to clean, music to perform with deeper understand.  I am excited to continue this journey with you all as we prepare for our competition this weekend!

This week is a little strange because our football game is on Thursday evening at Troup Co. HS.  Monday and Tuesday practices will be as normal 3:15pm-6:15pm.  As always: it is imperative that all students are present for rehearsals.

Thursday Itinerary for the Game 

  • 3:00pm Load (Papa Johns)
  • 4:30pm In Uniform
  • 4:45pm Depart CHS
  • 6:00pm Arrive at TCHS
  • 7:00pm Kick-Off
  • Approx. 9:15pm Depart for CHS
  • Approx 10:15pm* Arrive back at CHS
    • *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter or text messages for updates)

Friday- Full Band Rehearsal 3:15pm-6:15pm

  • ALL IN 1 Turn in Night 4:00pm-6:00pm

Saturday – Competition at Fayetteville County HS

  • 9:00am Report
  • 11:00am Load/Lunch (Subway)
  • 12:15pm in Uniform
  • 12:30pm Depart
  • 1:45pm Arrive
  • 3:15pm Official Warm-up Starts
  • 4:00pm Perform
  • Bring Money for the Dinner Break
  • 7:30pm Finals Competition begins (top 8 bands from Prelims perform in an order determined by drawing straws).
  • 9:45pm Awards Ceremony
  • Approx 11:30pm* Arrive back at CHS
    • *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter or text messages for updates)


To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s game, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s competition, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

The Season Continues ~ This Week’s Itinerary

Trojan_BunnyWith our own competition in the books, we now turn our attention to the remainder of our football season and the two competitions we will compete in this month. We have our last home game this week against Whitewater High School, which is also Senior Night, then we close the week out with a competition at McEachern High School on Saturday. Below is the detailed itinerary for the coming week. (CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE OF BANDS)

  • Tuesday – Full Band Practices as usual – 3:15pm – 6:15pm
  • Thursday – Full Band Practices as usual – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • FridaySenior Night! 
    • 6:30PM – Report in Full Uniform
    • 7:15PM – Pre-game
    • 7:30PM – Kick-off
    • 10:00pm* – Student Pick-up
      • *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter or text messages for updates)
  • Saturday – 2015 McEachern Marching Invitational
    • Students need to eat lunch before they arrive at CHS
    • 12:00PM2:30PM Full Band Practice
    • 2:30PM Load Instruments
    • In Uniform by 3:30PM
    • Depart at 3:45PM
    • Arrive around 4:45PM
    • Unload, Bathroom, Snack provided by Boosters
    • 6:10PM7:10PM Official Warm-Up Time
    • 7:25PM Performance
      Bring money for concessions and souvenirs after our performance.
    • 8:55 Awards
    • 9:45 Depart for CHS
    • 10:45PM* – Arrive back at CHS
      • *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter or text messages for updates)


To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s game, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s competition, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

Other reminders:

  • All-In-One Sale ContinuesPlease keep selling until October 22nd!!! (Updated deadline) This is one of our annual fundraisers that the Band Boosters do to provide funding for all of the supporting items that we provide for our students and band staff throughout the year. Strong participation from all parents, guardians and students in this fundraiser helps keep band fees as low as possible. Packets or extras forms can be picked up at the band room.

If you have any specific questions about any of these items, you can contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550 or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff  & Band Boosters


Inaugural Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition a Huge Success

LOC_2clr-bThis past Saturday The Carrollton City Schools, the Carrollton Trojan Marching Band, and the Carrollton Trojan Band Boosters hosted the Inaugural Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition. The event took place on the gorgeous 130-acre campus of the Carrollton City School system, within historic Grisham Stadium.

2015_GrandChampions_WhitewaterThe event featured performances by fifteen local and regional bands, including exhibition performances by Valdosta State University and the University of West Georgia. Our guests at the event also enjoyed a variety of vendors, concessions, and first-class facilities that helped to ensure an enjoyable day for everyone. The historic day came to a crescendo with a stunning awards ceremony that was highlighted by the presentation of our massive, one-of-a-kind, traveling Grand Championship Trophy, the Legacy Sword Trophy. At the end of the evening, the Legacy Sword Trophy was awarded to the Whitewater Wildcat Marching Band of Whitewater High School, located in Fayetteville, Georgia. Please join us in congratulating all of the students, staff, boosters, and supporters of Whitewater High School Band for their remarkable achievements at the Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the Carrollton community for your overwhelming encouragement and support. Also, thank you to the herculean efforts of our event staff and volunteers. Plans are already underway for next year’s event as we look forward to continuing the legacy!

For a quick video highlight of the bands that participated, check out this link provided by Jeffery Morris Videography: 2015 Legacy of Champions Highlights

For more information about the Legacy of Champions, please visit

Introducing The Legacy Sword Trophy

_SB_8459(1)With our inaugural running of the Legacy of Champions now just days away, we wanted to take a moment to introduce our Grand Championship trophy, the Legacy Sword Trophy.

This amazing, massive bronze trophy was designed and created by University of West Georgia alumnus, Daniel McMillan, exclusively for the Carrollton High School Band Boosters and the Legacy of Champions Marching Band Competition. It features his rendition of the legendary Sword of Troy and a traditional Greek shield that represents the honor and valor that are displayed every time one of our Trojan teams takes the field in competition.

This one-of-a-kind traveling trophy will be presented annually to the best overall judged band at our competition to be displayed proudly in their band room until the following summer when it will be reclaimed by the Trojan Nation and placed back in the arena to await its next victor. The name of the previous year’s winner will be added to an engraved plaque on the trophy’s base annually as a testimony of each Grand Champion’s accomplishment. Each defending Grand Champion will then be presented an equally symbolic and impressive commemorative “Defending Grand Champion Shield” to keep and inspire their students as they hopefully return to the Legacy of Champions to defend their title and try to reclaim the Legacy Sword!

_SB_8464(1)When we started this competition we wanted it to be something special, representing the excellence of our school system and the passion we have for music and our marching band. The Legacy Sword is the culmination and embodiment of those qualities and we hope it will become one of the most coveted marching band trophies in the state.

We extend a hearty invitation to everyone to join us this Saturday, October 10, 2015 at Historic Grisham Stadium, from 3pm until 10pm. Not only will you be treated to a day of great music, concessions, and vendors, but you will also be afforded the opportunity to witness the beginning of the legacy as we present the Legacy Sword to our very first Grand Champion!

Thank you to our Legacy Sword Trophy co-sponsors; Southwire and Louis E. Kuntz, CPA., PC

For more details about the Legacy of Champions, please visit:

The Legacy Begins Now!