Carrollton 4th of July Parade

A Few Reminders For This Week

wpid-wp-1435990104510Good morning!

I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend and looking forward to helping our community celebrate the 4th of July with our first public performance of the year, the Carrollton People’s Parade on July 4, 2019!  If you haven’t been intentional about drinking water, please start doing that now.  We need you hydrated to perform your best.

How to access Charms:

You can always access this information by visiting our quick link:

Charms will allow you volunteer for events as well as allow your student to reaccess the music for this week’s parade “American Pride,” if they have misplaced their copy or need a new one for any reason.

What is Charms?

Charms is a Student Management System that the Carrollton High School Band Staff utilizes to maintain information about the band and its students. This robust system allows the band staff to easily track things like instrument and uniform assignments, submission of required forms and much more. For parents and students is allows you to update contact information, access secured practice materials, review trip accounts and again, so much more.

We encourage you to spend some time and explore and get familiar with this valuable resource.

There are several ways for you to access the Charms system:

  1. Log in directly by clicking on the “Charms Login” sub-link found under the “Charms” area of our website menu/navigation bar or click here: CHS Trojan Band Charms Login
  2. Log on via the website and hovering over  the “ENTER/LOGIN” link at the upper right and click  the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS” option
    • On the next screen enter the School Code: CHSTrojanBand and then click on the “Enter Charms” button.
    • This will bring up the main parent page, which will allow you to look at a copy of our calendar for your, email the staff, handouts and other files.
    • If you enter your child’s School ID Number (same as lunch account number etc.) in the Student Area Password area, another more detailed screen will open with even more options to view your student’s uniform assignments, music assignments, trip records, forms, inventory, etc.. Once you have first entered this ID number, you may create your own, unique password by clicking on the “keyhole” (Change Password). From this area, you can also make changes to your child’s student information page (such as updating phone numbers and email addresses if they change.

If you have any issues or questions about the Charms system, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Carr at

Week at a Glance:

  • Wednesday: parade practice: 8am – 11:00am band room.  We will go outside so please be prepared to be in the heat with sunglasses, hats, water bottles, etc.
  • Thursday:  – parade
    • 8:15 am – load instruments at the band room
    • 9 am – meet at Bank of the Ozarks (We do not take a bus)
    • 10 am – parade begins
    • Around 11:00am Pick up students following the parade in the Robinson Salvage (Old Kmart) parking lot.  It’s best to go ahead and park here after dropping off your child for the parade and meet us as we finish.

The Details:

Wednesday there will be a parade practice from 8-11am at the band room for all members.  As Mr. Carr always says, “On time is late and early is on time.”  Students will want to arrive at the band room with enough time to get their instrument out and be ready to begin practice promptly at 8am. Please make sure your student has some water!  It will be hot and muggy!  Something like the 1/2 gallon cooler pictured is good.  Don’t forget to label it with their name.

Thursday, July 4th, large instruments (drums, sousaphones, etc) will be loaded from the band room into the trailer at 8:15 AM.  Students needing to load their instruments need to be at the band room Thursday at 8:15 AM.  Once they have loaded their instrument then they will need to be dropped off at the Bank of the Ozarks (formerly Community Southern Bank)  just off the square at 201 Maple Street at 9 AM for parade staging.  Students who do not need to load their instrument can report directly to the staging area.  The parade is set to step off at 10 AM.  We are #21 in the parade, so our best estimate is that we will be finished around 11:00AM.  Students will need to be picked up at Robinson Salvage (the old Kmart) after the parade.


Students will be provided t-shirts to wear for the parade (handed out at the end of practice on Wednesday) and they should also wear their black band shorts.  *(Updated originally posted mistakenly) New band students will receive their shorts at rehearsal on Wednesday, returning students should use the ones given to them previously, or purchase a new pair for $15.00.  Students are permitted to wear sunglasses for this parade.  Sunglasses need to not detract from the decorum of the band.  4th of July themed or Trojan colors are acceptable but need to represent classic sunglasses and not something to draw attention.  Additionally, please wear sunscreen for the parade.  It will be hot and we will be in the sun as the parade route is not shaded.

Parade Volunteers:

Volunteer Icon

We need volunteers to man water stations.  Basically, your job would be to exchange water bottles with the staff as the band marches past you on Thursday morning.  The staff walks through the band and provides students with quick squirts of water to help them maintain their energy throughout the parade.  To volunteer visit the CHARMS CALENDAR and click on the colorful “hand” icon.  


The locations for water stations are listed on the volunteer page. Thank you in advance to participating in making our band the best it can be!

While you’re at it, we need volunteers on July 13 from 8:00am-11am.  We will have a booster workday to spend some time on the garage, booster storage room, and booster building to get everything ready for the upcoming season.

Band Camp is quickly approaching.  Have you been drinking water? If not, start now, you will thank me later.

  • July 15 – 19 from 8 am – 3 pm
  • July 22 – 26 from 8 am – 9 pm

If you have any questions, please make sure to contact Mr. Carr at:, or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff & Boosters

A Few Reminders!

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and we hate to interrupt your break, but we want to pass along some helpful reminders.
  • Next installment of band/guard fees is next Tuesday, June 27, 2017.
Don’t forget the next installment of band/guard fees is due Tuesday, June 27th. These fees can be paid online at the link below or at the band room during summer office hours which are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8am-4pm.  Please remember that these fees are paid to CHS and the high school does not accept checks. Payments should be cash or credit card.
  • Fourth of July Parade practice will be Monday, July 3rd, 2017 from 3pm-6 pm. 
In preparation for the Fourth of July Parade, there will be a practice on July 3rd from 3-6pm. Please begin drinking lots of water in preparation of the parade!  It will more than likely be hot!!  Also, students, please go to Charms and print out the parade music, American Pride. Having the music in advance and working on it at home will make our practice more productive.

Mark your calendars… Band camp is just a few weeks away!!  Pre-camp is July 17-21 and band camp is July  24-28.

We will see you all real soon!

CHS Band Staff & Boosters

Believe It or Not… It’s Time to Get Ready

BeleiveThe month of June is just flying by, which brings us closer to the beginning of marching band activities for this new season.  Our first official activities begins in just a few short days as we prepare for our performance in the Carrollton July 4th People’s Parade.

We will be holding parade practice Friday, July 1, from 3pm-6pm that all band members, including rising 9th graders, are required to attend. Practice begins promptly at 3pm – Remember that being “On-Time” means to be early.  If you arrive at 3:00pm, you’re late! Also, we will be practicing outside, so dress appropriately and begin drinking lots of water to ensure proper hydration for both practice and the parade.

The parade takes place Monday, July 4. Loaders will report to the band room at 8:15am. Everyone else will report to the Community and Southern Bank (201 Maple St • Carrollton, GA 30117) at 9:00AM, please arrive early. The parade steps off at 10:00AM and we should be finished by 11:00AM. Please have your ride pick you up from the old K-Mart parking lot, at the end of the parade route.  The equipment trailer will return to the band room immediately following the parade to off-load.

For those wishing to volunteer to help before, after, and during the parade, please make sure to sign-up here:

Other activities and dates that are on the horizon that you need to be aware of:

  • NYC 17 Payments due ~ Thursday, June 23, 2016
  • 2nd installment of band fees due ~ Monday, June 27, 2016 (Band room will be open on Tuesday, 6/28/16)
  • Band Spirit Night at Moe’s ~ Tuesday, July 5, 2016
  • Car Wash (Trip Fundraiser) ~ Saturday, July 9, 2016

It is going to be another banner year for the Trojan Band Program and we look forward to seeing everyone really soon.

Remember if you ever need to check on current or upcoming events to visit our calendar and website for all things CHS Trojan Band.

If you have any questions, please make sure to contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550, or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff  & Band Boosters



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Marching Band Activities This Week

This-Weeks-activitesOur first official activities of the 2015-2016 season begin this week in preparation for our performance in the Carrollton July 4th Parade. We will be holding two practices that all band members, including rising 9th graders, will be expected to participate in. Practices are Wednesday, July 1, from 3pm-6pm and Friday, July 3, from 3pm-6pm. Details about our performance on Saturday, i.e. dress, report time, etc., will be provided to the students at practice, as well as posted on our social media channels later in the week.

In preparation for this week’s activities and as a lead up to our band camps at the end of the month, we highly encourage students to begin drinking lots of water to ensure proper hydration.

It is going to be a banner year for the Trojan Band Program and we look forward to seeing everyone this week. We also encourage the Trojan Nation to come out in force and support us in the parade.

Please visit our Calendar often to stay informed of all upcoming activities.