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Joshua began leading teams and organizations in Metro Atlanta in order to drive transparency, change, performance, and innovation. For over 25 years, Joshua has focused on solutioning cutting-edge products and “ways of working” that have brought increased effectiveness and profitability to Fortune 50 organizations and Startups alike. For the last 12 years, his passion has transitioned from systems and networks-related management and consulting to that of organizational and leadership transformation, adoption of agility in all methodologies, "principle" improvement, and enterprise coaching.
Working with many different approaches, Joshua is dedicated to jumping right into the midst of organizational challenges. His jovial and lighthearted professionalism help make sometimes difficult transitional periods relaxed and natural. He also uses his background in family counseling and service as just one tool in his toolbox to help others learn to overcome structural impediments.
Joshua’s focus areas in both coaching and speaking are the sociology and make-up of high-performing teams, identifying practical solutions for impediments to transformation, applying agility across non-IT organizations, agile startups, transitioning PMOs, mentoring effective team members, and much more. He uses humor (story time), hands-on exercises, and practical knowledge to create an atmosphere of ease and excitement.
In addition to his professional life, Joshua lives agility at home with his family to organize their hectic life of school and extracurricular activities. He resides with his wife and three children in rural West Georgia. He is an outdoorsman and focuses on skills to help him and his family improve their lives.