Hollywood Trip

Register for the Super Holiday Tours Website

  1. All travelers need to visit www.superholiday.com/create-account
    • TRIP ID: CHS30117-18B
  2. Once you enter the Trip ID you will need to:
    1. Enter your LEGAL name for flight information
    2. Create a username
    3. Create a password
  3. This is the site that you will make all future payments.  *If you are paying the booster club for payments, please understand that there will be a longer processing time.  Our boosters must account for the money, then send a combined check to Super Holiday Tours.  We hope to complete this process as quickly as process, but it may take up to 2 weeks.  Paying directly to the website should process quicker.
    • For your convenience we are logging all payments made to the booster club into your Charms Account.  This will allow you to verify that the boosters have received your funds and are in the process of sending your payment to Super Holiday Tours.
    • Then you can check your account at Super Holiday to verify that your payment has been processed.


Option 1: Payment Schedule

  1. Original $50 per person deposit, most travelers have already paid, DUE BY February 23, 2018 to confirm group reservations. ​(non refundable)
  2. $419.00 per person deposit DUE BY March 23, 2018
  3. $419.00 per person deposit DUE BY May 23, 2018
  4. $419.00 per person deposit DUE BY August 23, 2018
  5. $433.00 Balance for students and whatever is left for adults (will vary based on single or double occupancy) ​DUE BY October 23, 2018

Option 2: Monthly Payment Schedule

  1. February per person $188 + original $50 deposit ($238 total for Feb.)
  2. March per person $188
  3. April per person $188
  4. May per person $188
  5. June per person $188
  6. July per person $188
  7. August per person $188
  8. September per person $188
  9. October per person $186

Payments may be made with cash or check to Carrollton High School Band Boosters and placed in the safe in Mr. Bright’s office or the Band Booster Box.

ALL envelopes should be labeled with:

  • Student’s name
  • Adult’s name (those traveling with us)
  • Amount enclosed

3. Payments may also be made by credit card directly with the travel company. Please see the attached link for instructions for using the Super Holiday Tours website. The $50 deposits that have been made for all registered travelers have been sent and will be added to the travel company website over the next few days.