Month: May 2016

Calendar Upgraded; Please Read & Sync or Re-Sync Your Devices

UpgradeGreetings everyone!

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that we are not still working away. So we wanted to tell you about an awesome upgrade we have made that involves our calendar. We have moved our calendar from Google to Charms in an effort to better utilize its many helpful features that will make our communication plan more effective and everyone’s experience better and more engaging. What’s Charms you ask? Charms is a Student Management System that the Carrollton High School Band Staff utilizes to maintain information about the band and its students. To learn more about Charms, visit here:   or here:  (not all features in video available.)

Some of the added calendar features that we can now take advantage of are:

  • Integrated volunteer sign-ups
  • Attendance requirements and tracking
  • Optional email notifications of calendar/events changes
  • RSVP requests
  • Group event designations

We also wanted to tell you about some of the other calendar enhancements that should make your experience better as well:

  • Calendar engagement icons (Must view actual Charms calendar via band website links/Charms site)

Means volunteers are requested for the event. Click the icon to sign up. (You can still volunteer via the Volunteer page on our website too!)

Means an RSVP is requested for the event. Click the icon to RSVP.

Means the event is a Required activity

Means the event is an Optional activity

Means the event is an Extra-Curricular activity

  • Easier device syncing
    • For Apple Devices:
      1. Go into the Settings app
      2. Touch “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
      3. Under Accounts, touch “Add Account”
      4. On the Add Account screen, touch “Other”
      5. Under Calendars, touch “Add Subscribed Calendar”
      6. For the Server value, enter the URL of the public calendar:
      7. Touch “Next” in the upper right corner.
      8. It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you like.
      9. Touch “Save” to save the subscription.
    • For Android Devices:
      1. To sync with Android devices, you will need to use your Google account and have a Google calendar created.
      2. In your Google calendar on a real computer:
      3. Under “Other Calendars” click the Add link.
      4. Select “Add by URL”
      5. Enter the following URL:
      6. Click “Add Calendar”
      7. Google will begin to sync your calendar, and it will appear on the screen.
      8. Click “Settings”
      9. Change the long name of the new calendar to something you will remember such as “Charms Calendar”
      10. Your phone should automatically be set to sync with your Google calendar.
      11. On your phone: Click on “Calendar”, then bring up the settings for the calendar. Click on Calendar Sync. You should see your google account listed already. Make sure Auto-Sync is checked.

So if you’ve never synced your devices with our calendar before, be sure to do so as it make keeping up with upcoming events effortless. Also, if you’ve previously synced your device to the old calendar, you’ll need to re-sync using the new information above. Please note, the new Charms features will not be apparent via synced devices. You will need visit the actual calendar linked from our website, directly on the Charms site, from time to time to experience the features described above.

We hope that these new features and improvements will allow everyone to stay better informed and engaged. Please bear with us during any growing pains we may experience during the early days of this upgrade.

As always, if you have any questions, please make sure to contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550 or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff  & Band Boosters



A Note for Our Seniors


Another school year has come to a close and for many of our students it is the culmination of their lifetime thus far and a celebration of achieving one of life’s great milestones!  The journey that began for our students in Kindergarten will be celebrated this morning along with a reminder that the journey is not over.  I wish we could have commemorated your journey last night, but happy to be here for you on this beautiful Saturday morning!


The time has come that I must finally say goodbye.  At many of our ceremonies throughout the year it has been made easier to know that the next day you would still walk through the door and I’d get to see you in class.  You’d get to continue mentoring the others in our band program and do your best to leave a legacy that will forever impact the traditions of our band program.  But today is the final ceremony of your schooling career in which we will honor the dedication and perseverance that it takes to finish high school.  I hope that you take a minute to pause and reflect on what a great journey it has been.  We are blessed in our lives to be able to celebrate many milestones, and this certainly one to celebrate!

I guess since this is your last one, it is time to say Good… Luck!  Goodbye seems too permanent.  I want you to know that we value the impact that you have made one our band program and on our school and we hope that you will return to visit and continue to support your band.  I hope that when you return you will find everything in a better place and realize that we were able to accomplish the continued growth because of the example that you were and the legacy that you helped to develop.

Recently I was reminded of a Jim Carey graduation speech that I would like to recommend you watch on youtube.  The point that he makes when speaking about his father was that his father decided to take the path that was most “secure,” one that would be best to provide for his family.  Mr. Carey said that his father had other dreams but was worried about the risks associated with them so he made the “safe” decision to be an accountant.  Unfortunately, his father was laid off from that job and it created a difficult life for him and his family.  Mr. Carey then says, “I have learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Good, right? There are many other profound things that he says during that speech.  Check it out, you’ll be glad that you did.

I am so proud of you!  I cannot wait to see you again after you’ve experience the next chapter of your life.  Please keep in touch, I want to hear your stories.  Remember that your  band family still loves you and will be cheering you on as you reach for your dreams.  Yes, you still have many more challenging roads ahead of you, but you’re ready to face them and God will help you navigate them if you allow him to. You also have many wonderful friends still here at CHS that will continue to provide love and encouragement along the way.

So, Good Luck! God Speed! Onward and Upward! Keep your chin up and continue to walk tall.  You did it and are on to bigger and better things! Proud to be a Trojan and proud of you all!

Performance at Graduation

Good evening!
The itinerary for our performance at graduation is listed below.

  • 5:30PM – Pizza served
  • 6:15PM – Students need to be in their formal attire upstairs
  • 6:30PM – Students report for warm-up upstairs
  • 7:00PM – We will take our seats on the field and perform a sound check
  • 8:00PM – Processional
  • About – 9:30PM finish


I hope that the weather holds up, as this is a very important day for all of our graduates.  In the event that we are experiencing rain, the first step will be to delay the start to see if the weather will pass.  If there is a delay, the band will stay upstairs until we receive official word on if it has been postponed due to weather.  Plan B is to have graduation on Saturday at 10:00AM in the stadium if weather is permitting and if we are still experiencing inclement weather then we would move the ceremony indoors.  If the ceremony is moved to Saturday, then the band will not perform.
Let’s pray for good weather tomorrow,


Mr. Carr


Baccalaureate Service

In case you didn’t get the email I wanted everyone to be aware of the baccalaureate service.  This was sent via email this evening: 

Seniors and their families are cordially invited to attend the baccalaureate service at Tabernacle Baptist Church tomorrow night, May 16th. Students are to wear their cap and gown over church attire and arrive at 6:30 pm for lineup. The doors open at 7:00 pm, and the service begins at 7:30 pm. The service honors this milestone in our children’s lives and is sponsored by the Carrollton Ministerial Alliance. Although not a school-sponsored activity and attendance is optional, we encourage you to consider commemorating your senior’s graduation from high school in this way. Thank you”

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that we have the year in review DVDs on sale for $30.  Get yours soon! 

2016 Leadership Team

We are extremely blessed at Carrollton to have a very large group of aspiring leaders, who have made choosing the leadership team very difficult.  I hope that our students realize that they make an impact on our organization everyday though each decision that they make.  It takes all of our efforts completing the necessary tasks and achieving our roles to the best of our abilities to realize success.  There is not a single role in our band program that is insignificant nor a single role that is more important than others.

The following students will have the responsibility of being held accountable for not only their works, but the works of team-mates and to be a role model for those around them.  They will be required to be the first ones to all events and the last ones to leave.  They have been selected through a leadership training process requiring clinics, interviews, and online tasks.  The drum majors had to audition in front of a 4 person panel where they prepared various tasks and performed them individually.  Again, we are extremely blessed to have had many candidates capable of filling these roles.

If you do not happen to see your name here, please remember that you add value to our team and we value your membership.  I am certain that the process that you sacrificed for and dedicated your time to has not been in vain.  Our entire team is stronger because of you and your season will come!  I am confident that every student who attended our leadership clinics and aspires to serve in leadership roles will have that opportunity sooner or later in their lifetime.   I am proud of each of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing yourself to be vulnerable.  I am honored to be your band director.

We will meet on Tuesday after school from 3 – 5 with our Leadership Team.  Also, if any of you are available to help with inventory check-in tomorrow, I could use your help from 3-5:30.  Drum Majors will be working with David Warren from 3-5:30 as well.  We have a lot of work to do to prepare for next season and I look forward to you leading the charge!

2016 Student Leadership Team

Drum Major – Kate Griffin

Assistant Drum Major – Lainey Driver

Flute – Brynne Wooten

Assistant Flute Section Leader – Kendall Ozier

Clarinet – Tamera Wilkerson

Assistant Clarinet Section Leader – Emily Chesser

Saxophone – Jose Martinez

Low Reeds – Zachary Beecham

Mellophones – Emily Brown

Trumpets – Maggi Hines

Assistant Trumpet Section Leader – Matthew Harris

Trombones – Cameron McNealey

Baritones – Corey Hutton

Sousaphones – Dee Byrd

Battery – Steve Hirvela and Jacob Bell

Front Ensemble – Kate Ashley

Color Guard Captain- Amber Zheng

Assistant Color Guard Captains – Dani Grooms and Saralyn Wiggins

Band Captain – Dee Byrd