Month: August 2015

Busy Week and Month Ahead: This Week’s Itinerary and September Schedule

CookieMonSeptNow that marching season is in full swing, there is plenty to do almost each and every day. Don’t forget to encourage your students as they continue to practice, learn, and fine tune their show. Also, please continue to support them by volunteering your time and talents. Now let’s look at this week’s itinerary and what the month of September holds.

This Friday we have two very special things happening. First the CJHS 8th graders will be joining us at the game for our Annual 8th Grade Night. Secondly, in partnership with one of our new sponsors, we will be having an “After the Game Band Hangout/Fellowship” at American Pie Pizzeria in Carrollton. They will be opening the restaurant after Friday night’s game specifically for the Carrollton Trojan Band from 9:30pm until 11:30pm. All Trojan Band students and supporters are invited to come and celebrate, unwind, and enjoy some great food and fun. Students will need to bring money if they plan to eat, $10.00 should be plenty, and make arrangements for transportation to the restaurant and then home. Please make sure they are picked-up promptly at or before 11:30pm. This activity is completely optional but we hope everyone will participate as it only serves to strengthen the friendships and camaraderie that makes being a part of the Trojan Band special. Additionally, if support is strong enough, American Pie will extend the invitation to us for additional home games.

Happening this week

  • Moe’s Band Spirit Night – Tuesday, 9/1/2015, 5:oopm – 8:00pm • Moe’s Southwestern Grill , Carrollton
  • Student Prop Painting (optional) – Wednesday, 9/2/2015, 4:00pm – 6:00pm: Local artist, Alan Kuykendall, will be at the band room Wednesday evening to guide the students in painting portions of the prop for our half time show and band competition. Students who can and want to participate should bring a change of clothes appropriate for painting.
  • Competition Committee Meeting – Thursday, 9/3/2015, 6:00pm – 7:30pm • CHS Band Room: This is our regularly scheduled Competition Committee Meeting but as always, is open to all interested band boosters who wish to attend.
  • 8th Grade Night – Friday, 9/4/2015 • CHS Varsity Football Game at Grisham Stadium against Calhoun
  • After the Game Band Hangout/Fellowship – Friday, 9/4/2015, 9:30pm — 11:30pm • American Pie Pizzeria Carrollton Optional; money and transportation needed.

This Friday’s Itinerary

Carrollton vs Calhoun @ Grisham Stadium, Carrollton – Friday, September 4, 2015 • (8th grade night)

  • 5:00pm – Dinner with and welcoming our 8th graders (Pizza provided by the Band Boosters)
  • 6:00pm – Students report to CHS Band Room in uniform
  • 6:30pm – Report to practice field
  • 7:00pm – Pre-game
  • 7:30pm – Kick-off
  • 9:30pm* – Students not going to American Pie pick-up at CHS Band Room (approx. time, watch Facebook, Twitter & text messages for any updates)
  • 9:30pm – 11:30pm – After the Game Band Hangout/Fellowship at American Pie Pizzeria, Carrollton • Optional; money and transportation needed.


To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s game, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

Upcoming September Dates & Events

  • 9/1 – Moe’s Band Spirit Night – 5:00pm – 8:00pm • Moe’s Southwestern Grill , Carrollton
  • 9/2 – Student Prop Painting – 4:00pm – 6:00pm • CHS Band Room
  • 9/3 – Competition Committee meeting – 6:00pm – 7:30pm • CHS Band Room
  • 9/4 – Home Game against Calhoun; als0 8th Grade Night & After the Game Band Hangout/Fellowship at American Pie
  • 9/7 – Labor Day – No School & No Practice
  • 9/11 – Open Week – No Game
  • 9/11 – Legacy of Champions Competition practice run – 6:00pm until…
  • 9/17 – Competition Committee meeting – 6:00pm – 7:30pm • CHS Band Room
  • 9/17 – All-In-One Fundraiser Packet pick-up – 9:00pm • CHS Band Room
  • 9/18 – Away Game against North Hall
  • 9/19 – Saturday full band practice – 1:00pm – 9:00pm
  • 9/22 – Carrol County Exhibition – Starts at 5:00pm
  • 9/24 – Competition Committee meeting – 6:00pm – 7:30pm • CHS Band Room
  • 9/25 – Home Game against Bannekar

While normal practices are not listed here, they are still scheduled. Please refer to the band calendar for further clarification or further details. Itineraries will be posted as each event approaches. Prop work days and practices will be announced on a week to week basis.

Competitions Scheduled

  • October 10 – Legacy of Champions at Carrollton High School (All parents and students needed as staff this day)
  • October 17 – McEachern High School Marching Invitational
  • October 24 – Lafayette Marching Classic at Fayette County HS (Prelims/Finals competition)

If you have any specific questions, you can contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550 or the Band Boosters at:

CHS Band Staff  & Band Boosters


This Thursday is Flag Day!?

flag-question-markWhile the rest of the United States celebrated the official holiday of Flag Day this past June, the CHS Trojan Band will be having an important Flag Work Day this coming Thursday, August 27, 2015 @ 6:00pm, upstairs in the band room to continue working on this year’s awesome color guard flags. And before a majority tunes us out because we mentioned color guard and flags, this work day is open to all band parents and supporters. Mr. Carr has issued a sincere plea for everyone to get involved so we can knock this project out and support our color guard in full force.

You do not have to know how to sew to participate. We just need willing people to lend a hand with various tasks like folding, holding,  tracing, cutting, etc. So make plans to join us and lets pack the place and make some flags!

CHS Band Staff & Boosters


This Week’s Itinerary & Volunteer Sign-Up Released for Newnan Away Game

carrollton-trojans-helmetIn preparation for the Trojans’ game against the Newnan Cougars,  here is this week’s itinerary and volunteer sign-up link.


Carrollton vs Newnan @ Drake Stadium, 190 Lagrange St, Newnan, GA 30263 •  Friday, August 28, 2015
  • 4:00pm – Pre-departure meal (Pizza- provided by Band Boosters)
  • 5:00pm – Report in uniform
  • 5:30pm – Depart for Newnan
  • 7:30pm – Kick-off
  • 11:00pm* – Arrive back at Carrollton High School
    *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter & text messages for updates)


To volunteer your time and talents this week, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

Thank you for all your support. We are looking forward to another great performance by our Trojan Band!

CHS Band Staff & Band Boosters



Don’t Be That Guy – 2015

Since we are beginning a new year, we wanted to re-post this popular article from last year as a friendly reminder to our returning students and parents, as well as for the benefit of our new parents. Please take a moment to read/re-read this help information so that we can make sure to start the year off on the right foot!

that-guyWe’ve all been in the wrong place at the wrong time… sometimes it’s because of bad choices, sometimes it’s because we don’t listen, and still sometimes it’s because we simply don’t know any better. So with that last scenario in mind, let’s talk about parking and picking up students after away games or any away events, like competitions.

We can agree that we all have the same goal in mind, which is we want to get our kid(s) and get home as soon as possible! So how do we work together to achieve that? The first step is understanding the band parking area and the requirements needed for getting the buses in and out, as well as allowing the equipment transfer truck and trailer access and maneuvering space to turn around, park and unload. In order for this process to happen smoothly and efficiently the entire entrance and loop area in front of the band room must be kept completely clear prior to the return of the students and equipment from an away event. This includes the cars of parents or students who may be on the trip themselves. The only exception to this is the back parking area where band staff and executive officers are allowed to park during such band activities.

Please take note of the entire area shaded red on the aerial photo included in this post and when you come to pick up your student from an away event, do not attempt to enter this area before the equipment trailer and buses have parked and begun to unload. It is impossible for the transfer truck to navigate this area when there are cars already in this area and we will have to ask you to move if you are parked within it, which causes unnecessary delays for everyone. Staying out of this area not only ensures a speedy and successful entry into the unloading area but it also reduces the chances of any possible damage to cars that may be parked within this area or the chances of anyone being injured. We will always try to block this area off to prevent entry, but regardless of whether you see barriers or not, please understand and comply with this policy.Parking Guide

One last thing to consider is that regardless of where you are parked, no students are allowed to leave until the equipment truck is completely unloaded and their instruments/flags and uniforms are properly put away. If you would like to help speed this process along, please consider assisting the students and boosters in unloading the equipment truck when it arrives. As mentioned earlier, if we all work together, we all get home sooner.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. We hope this information is helpful to everyone, but especially to our new parents/guardians. If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Band Staff or Band Booster Officers or email us at:

Thank you all for your continued support.

CHS Band Staff and Booster Officers


2015 Band Boosters, Are You Ready?

Ready or not the 2015 season starts this weekend! The Corky Kell Classic promises to be an electric atmosphere! We will need help this weekend with loading and unloading the truck and during half time. We will also be pulling our flag at the Dome during half time so if you’ve never help pull our ginormous American flag at half time… don’t rob yourself of the heart-pumping thrill of running across the field with old glory firmly in your grasp! Note: you must sign-up to participate as a volunteer and volunteer slots are limited to this event due to event security and regulations, so visit our volunteer page now for more details and to check availability:

If you previously signed up as a bus chaperon, Mrs. Dothard should be in contact with you this week, if she has not been already, as she is the one who coordinates this volunteer group. You can reach her at the Band Office at 770-834-0550, if you have questions or concerns.

Tickets for the game can be obtained in advance from the main office at Carrollton High School.

Attention volunteers, for those of you who sign up to help out on Saturday, please make sure to wear a black shirt and khaki shorts or pants. This will ensure that we have a cohesive appearance and do not distract from the show. And speaking of our black shirts, we have placed the orders for our spirit wear and hope to have it back by Thursday of this week if everything goes according to plan, but please understand we are at the mercy of the vendor now, so keep your fingers crossed!

Corky Kell Classic Itinerary

(First football game of the 2015 season • Saturday, August 22nd, 8:45am at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA)

  • 6:00am – Report time
  • 6:45am – Depart for GA Dome
  • 8:45 am – Kick-off (Trojans vs Kell)
  • 12:00pm* – Depart for lunch
    • Bring money for lunch at the CNN Center ($10.00 should be plenty)
  • 2:00pm* Arrive back at Carrollton High School
    *(approx. times; watch Facebook, Twitter & text messages for updates)

We are looking forward to an awesome season and can’t wait to get to work ensuring that our students have many opportunities to excel and make lasting memories this year. if you are not invovled with the booster it never too late… come join us! Band Booster Membership Information

If you have any specific questions, you can contact Mr. Carr at:, the Band Office at 770-834-0550 or the Band Boosters at:


CHS Band Staff  & Band Boosters