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Immediate Opportunities to Get Involved

PerfectWith one of the most high anticipated and exciting years just ahead of us, we have many immediate opportunities for you to get involved and support our band program. Please take some time to sign-up and/or encourage others to get involved.

  • LadyBUGsTrojan Lady B.U.G.s (Band Uniform Guardians) – We need several volunteers to commit to protecting, caring for and working with the band uniforms for the 2015-2016 school year. Duties include but are not limited to: assisting with initial fitting and distributions, minor repairs, emergency spot cleaning/repairs, preparing for scheduled cleanings, pre-performance uniform checks, being present and both home & away performances, including competitions to ensure the band looks its best. We hope to get enough volunteers to sign-up so there can be a rotation so that no one is expected to be at every performance. So please consider signing up for this often overlooked volunteer opportunity. You can sign-up at the bottom of this post. (If you are viewing by email, please visit this post on our website to see the sign-up area)
  • Bus Chaperones – With the band traveling to away games, competitions, concert performances etc., we need volunteers each year to serve as bus chaperones. Duties include but are not limited to: Maintaining order, ensuring safety of students and adherence to school and band polices, providing minor first aid if needed, being available to attend most, if not all, away performances, but again, if we get enough volunteers to sign-up there could be a rotation so that no one is expected to be at every performance. Please consider volunteering as a bus chaperone and you and your fellow chaperones can come up with you own cool team name 🙂  You can sign-up at the bottom of this post. (If you are viewing by email, please visit this post on our website to see the sign-up area)
  • 2015 Prop Teams – The prop teams will be planning, building and handling the props needed for this year’s half time show and possibly some items for the Legacy of Champions. For more details on what’s needed for these teams, or to sign-up, please see our previous post linked here that provides all of the details: Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fly – Defying Gravity Prop Team, Sign-up Now!
  • Legacy of Champions – If you haven’t heard about this event yet, please take a moment to review the Legacy of Champions website. This is going to be a premier event for our band program and community requiring everyone’s participation to ensure its success. With that being said, all current band members and parents/guardians will be expected to participate in the event in some way. So please take a moment and go ahead and sign-up so you can take your pick of the duties still available. To volunteer for the Legacy of Champions, visit our Volunteer page on the Legacy of Champions website or Sign-up here!
    • LoC Sponsorship Lead(s) – One area that we are currently looking for someone to take the lead on is with our LoC Sponsorship team. For this opportunity we are looking for one or two highly motivated individuals to assist with securing sponsorships for our competition. Duties include but are not limited to: Calling, emailing and possibly meeting with local businesses and individuals to secure sponsorship commitments. So if have the gift of gab and can commit to regularly reaching out to our community partners, we need you! Sign-up now to for this very immediate and important role in our competition staff. To volunteer for this opportunity, visit our  Volunteer page on the Legacy of Champions website or Sign-up here! and just indicate in the comments area of the form that you want to serve as a sponsorship lead.

While the opportunities above are very specific and immediate needs, there are many more additional support roles that the boosters at large also fill, from loading and unloading, to feeding and encouraging, we do it all and for that we must have a diverse and active group of supporters and volunteers who are willing to do whatever is needed of them. So we would love to have you partner with the Carrollton High School Band Boosters so that we can continue to support our award winning band program by utilizing our collective resources, talents and time. Booster membership is now open to all parents/guardians of current and former CHS Band, Color Guard & Winter Guard students, as well as Trojan Band alumni. To find out more about the Band Boosters and how to join, please visit the Band Boosters page of our website:

Everyone can be great because anyone can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t even have to make your subject and and your verb agree to serve… You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love. — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sign-up for Trojan Lady B.U.G.s (Band Uniform Guardians) or Bus  Chaperones

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Fly – Defying Gravity Prop Team


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As we come to the final note of a wonderful 2014-2015 season and close our eyes to the “Visions of Red”, we imagine a time to sit back and relax as we eagerly await the magic of the coming season, right??? WRONG!!!

With the announcement of the 2015-2016 show “Defying Gravity”, we are already off and running with the planning of an ambitious line-up of props that will make for an incredible halftime show. This coming year’s props are going to be something special and will require a full team of volunteers to design, create, and manage, from day one until the end of the season.

Initially we will need volunteers skilled/interested in construction, fabrication, welding, etc to be available over the summer months to meet, plan, design and construct the props. Then as band camp approaches we will need additional volunteers willing to learn the logistics associated with the props; transporting, loading, assembling, etc., who are also willing to commit to being at several practices, all games and all competitions throughout the marching season (July-December). This prop logistics team will be an integral part to the overall success of the show and requires unprecedented coordination and teamwork, so your faithfulness each week will be just as important as the students. In short, you will be considered an honorary, behind-the-scenes Trojan Band Member.

What are the qualifications to volunteer? The most important one is the desire to create a center piece for the most memorable Trojan Band halftime show ever. Beyond that you must be able to work with others and enjoy the fellowship of great people each week. We will need skill-sets from A-Z and all those in between who can volunteer for whatever needs to be done. In the end… If you are willing to help, we can use you! And remember, Band Booster Membership is now open to all alumni and parents/guardians of alumni as well, so if you’re eager to rejoin this awesome organization, we’d love to have you.

So, if you are interested in helping us bring these amazing props to life, please sign-up below or here so we can schedule a meeting early this summer. Once we show you what the imagination team has come up with to build, you will understand why we want to start so early 🙂  After all, it takes a lot of work to make people defy gravity!


Defying Gravity Prop Teams Sign-Up

Final Marching Percussion Audition Results

Thanks so much to everyone that auditioned!  This year’s audition process was extremely competitive and we are looking forward to a great season with one of the largest and most talented percussion sections since I arrived here 7 years ago!  Congratulations to all of the members of our 2015 percussion section!

Kelsey Jones
Jacob Bell
Kaitlen Fears
Steve Hirvela
Jacob Davis
Bryce Mcnealy
Jason Ishoy
Matt Hamblin
Cade Keller
Kara Haynes
Madison Presnal
Dustin Prater
Kat Curry
Khail Foster
Savannah Arnell
Grant Caldwell
Genesis Jiminez
Montana Freeman
Tyler Pauley
Emma Eddelman
Shanteria Strozier
Maguire Knight
Kalia Holland
Vivian Brownson
Kate Ashley
Marley Hobson
Savannah Pitman
Kelly Wilcox
Levi Wright
Landon Driver
Madison Redmond
Brian Crews
Daniel Reed
Alex Mulkey
Christian Widener

Best Wishes to Our Band Graduates!

graduation cap and diplomaTonight marks another milestone in Carrollton High School history, and for our seniors one of the highlights of their lives so far.  We are so fortunate that these students decided to continue their commitment to our band program and are proud of all of their accomplishments!  Each of our 18 graduating seniors has a different story but all share their love of the Carrollton Trojan Band!

We teach the students that although there are not leadership titles for all of the students in band, just being an upperclassmen means that younger students will look up to you.  This is especially true when you are a senior.  You are a role model, whether you want to be or not.  We remind them that often times you influence others even though you are unaware of it happening. Evan Block, Carter Culwell, Haynes Driver, Ross Gordon, Aracelly Hererra, Tatyana Hill, Haley Kemp, Liedwellyn King, Falen Kizunga, Jasmine Mays, Eric Mejia, Jessica Nixon, Maya O’Neal, Kaity Presteridge, Will Rollins, Keonna Stanley, and Caleb Whitworth served as very worthy role models for the Trojan Band and have proudly left a lasting impression on our family.  It is with excitement that we celebrate their milestone this evening in a commencement of their journey into adulthood.

Might I add that our group of band graduates include Carrollton High School’s Salutatorian and Valedictorian!  What a testament of the caliber of students we have in this wonderful senior class! Special congratulations to Carter Culwell and Hannah Johnson for earning these honors respectively.  All of our seniors have numerous accomplishments that we will celebrate tonight at 8:00PM and our band will be there to send them off proudly.

Seniors, thank you for giving a true effort daily to set examples and help our program reach new levels of excellence.  You all have many gifts to offer our world and without a doubt our world is better off because of you!

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Thankyou and Special Request

Good evening. I wanted to re-share our Junior High blog post from this evening for 2 reasons. First off I wanted to share with all of you how proud of our JRHS/MS students that I am. Mr. Huls and Ms. Menendez have done a terrific job with them and I look forward to our 8th Graders joining us soon. Secondly, I noticed the special request from Mr. Huls about providing aid for one of our students who has just lost everything in a home fire. We will be accepting donations at the high school as well to help out this family. Please visit Mr. Huls’s post for more information.


Thank you again to all our awesome students and parents. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed tonight’s performance.

We would like to reach out to the band family and ask for a special request. Over the weekend one of our eighth grade band members lost her home to a house fire. From what we know everyone is okay, but the house is a total loss.

If you are willing to bring in a donation of cash $5, 10 or $20 we are planning on collecting it and putting together a special card signed by the band, and visa gift card to help with any expenses during this troubling time.

Every little bit can help. We will collect cash donations until Thursday, and plan to deliver the cards Friday.

Thanks again everyone.

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