Month: April 2015

Recital Tuesday Night

Good morning!

Tomorrow evening we will be hosting our first ever Recital for our students at Carrollton High School in the CHS Band Room.  All students were encouraged to prepare chamber music to present at the recital and given the opportunity to perform it for their peers during class.  I am excited to say that we have some very talented students who have prepared wonderful music for your enjoyment tomorrow evening!

The purpose of this concert was to allow the students an opportunity to prepare music that requires more individual responsibility.  Performance ensembles will range in size as small as solos and as large as octets!   It really will be a musical treat if you are available to attend.  Music starts at 7:00pm and should be finish by 8:30pm.  Also, there will be a light reception to follow the concert, so not only will you hear a musical treat you there will be a sweet one too!

I hope to see you tomorrow night!

Note:  There is not a uniform for tomorrow’s concert.  The students were asked to wear something classy.  It doesn’t have to be formal wear, but we are asking no blue jeans or t-shirts.

Not Done Yet!

Keep SellingWe had a great BBQ fundraiser turn-in this past Thursday but we still have a way to go to reach our goal. So please keep selling and telling!

  • You can sell tickets all the way up to the day of the event. If you turned-in your left-over tickets or need more tickets, please stop by the band room and Mrs. Dothard will provide you with more.
  • Remember to remind those who don’t by tickets that they can still come the day of the event and purchase a meal(s)… Walk-ups are welcome!  It is also a great idea to mention the BBQ to those you encounter on the day of the event so that they can stop by and pick-up lunch or dinner with us.

If anyone in or around the Carrollton area needs to purchase tickets and has not been approached by a band representative, please contact us at: or just drop by on May 7th from 11am to 6:45pm at the visitors’ side of Grisham Stadium. We hope to see you there!

Also, please do not forget to volunteer to help the day of the event. We will need lots of help!    Sign up here to volunteer


2015-2016 Trojan Color Guard Announced

congrats copyAfter a very successful week of color guard tryouts, Mrs. Krystal Cookie Shepherd is please to announced the 2015-2016 Trojan Color Guard. Please join us in congratulating the following students:

  1. Lydia Sevy
  2. Katie Castro
  3. Lauren Smith
  4. Rashundra Rowe
  5. Madison Reed
  6. Amber Zheng
  7. Hailey Weaver
  8. Kali Svegl
  9. Andrea Olmos
  10. Starr Allen
  11. Katy Federer
  12. Sophia Paelilla
  13. Asha Berry
  14. Akaisha Cook
  15. Davasha McKinney
  16. Evelyn Forbes
  17. Anna Weaver
  18. Gabby Mansour
  19. Ashley Thomasson
  20. Hannah Schafer
  21. Anaya Bailey
  22. Anhiya Dukes
  23. Layna Robinson
  24. Yoselin Gomez
  25. Saralyn Wiggins
  26. Ky Woods
  27. Dani Grooms
  28. Heather Schaffer
  29. Makayle Landnim
  30. Sydney Birchix
  31. Zykia Session

To all of the 2015-2016 color guard members, please note that there is a mandatory parent meeting Tuesday April 28th at 6pm in the band room. If you have any questions, please contact the band room at 770-8348-0550.


Best of Luck!

Our percussion students perform tomorrow morning at 8:30am in Lassiter High School’s Concert Hall in their debut at Lassiter’s Annual Percussion Symposium.  

Please take time to wish them luck and if you can make it you’re in for a treat. Our kids have been working very hard and are well prepared.  You will get to see a wonderful performance in a very beautiful concert hall!  

Good luck tomorrow! 

Four Ways to Stay Informed

As we near the end of one year and prepare to begin a new one, we wanted to take the opportunity to make sure everyone knows how to stay informed and up-to-date on band activities. If you will follow these simple recommendations you will always be “in-the-know” regarding band activities.

  1. Talk with your student(s) – While teenagers can be quite forgetful sometimes they can be your front-line for information as Mr. Carr interacts with them directly providing important information, updates and expectations.
  2.  Follow our website ( – This is your one-stop for all things Trojan Band. All announcements, updates, and information regarding the band, fundraisers, forms, volunteer opportunities etc., can always be found here.  How to followAnd when we say follow… we actually mean more than just visiting the website on a regular basis, which you still should do. But we mean actually entering your preferred email address into one of the “follow” area(s) so that you will get an email every-time a new post is made. This is now the only way you will most likely get an email regarding such information as we are relying on the website to send emails rather than paying to maintain our other email list service.
    To learn how to follow our website please review the image provided here. (click the image to enlarge)
  3. Follow our social media channels – This is another sure-fire way to ensure you are getting the latest updates and news. Even if you are already following our website, you will want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter because we not only post direct links to our website updates and announcements but we also post real-time reminders/updates about meetings, events and arrival times etc. Through these channels you can also see pictures and video from our various activities and well as get the chance to interact with other band members, parents and alumni. It really is a great community of band supporters.
    CHS Band Facebook page  •
    CHS Band Twitter feed  •  @CHSTrojanBand
  4. Sign-up for text messages – We also offer text messaging to compliment our social media channels for updates and announcements as well and real-time reminders/updates about meetings, events and arrival times etc. To sign-up for text messaging follow the instructions presented here: How to sign up for text messages

A couple of final reminders and tips… If you were relying on being on our previous, stand-alone email list to stay informed, you will want to make sure you follow our website moving forward in order to receive emails, otherwise you will risk missing important updates and reminders as our older email lists will no longer be maintained beyond the end of this school year (2014-2015). The older email system/list/service has associated costs, is cumbersome and has proven unreliable, so please make sure to follow the website to receive email updates moving forward. If you have already followed our website, as described above, at anytime, then you are all set!

Finally, in order for our communication plan to continue to work at its best, everyone has to do their part by making sure they are connected to our various channels of communication so the information can get to them.  Also, remember to attend all band meetings and events if possible so that you can get information first-hand. There are many exciting things coming in the months ahead and we want and need everyone involved and connected.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. As always, if you have any questions, contact the band room at: 770-834-0550 or email the boosters at:

CHS Band Boosters