Month: October 2014

Are you looking for an instrument upgrade?

Good morning!

I just received this information from one of our instrument representatives.  Music and Arts is holding a special instrument sale on Saturday and I wanted to share the information with you.  This will be a rare opportunity to visit a location with many different professional instrument brands and representatives from their manufacturers to try out step-up instruments.  I have been approached by many students and parents inquiring about upgrading to a better instrument, so I thought it would be wise to share this information with everyone.

Instruments are very similar to cars in that brand names, make and model make a difference in performance.  Although there are brands and instruments that you could purchase at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for an extremely economical price the workmanship of these instruments make it more difficult for the students to play in tune, keep the instrument well maintained, and keep up pace with those with more professional instruments.  Think about it as a NASCAR race, which instrument would you want to be driving?

This would be a perfect weekend to get out and see the difference for yourself.  There is not a commitment necessary to attend the event.  Feel free to visit the horn sale just to “kick the tires.”  It will give you a chance to ask questions.

Here is the message from our Music and Arts representative:
“This Saturday, November 1st, is our first ever Atlanta area Horns of Plenty.  This will be our biggest Upgrade Your Sound sale event of the year.  We’ve gathered together the largest inventory of brass and woodwind instruments and all of it will be on display ready to try out. Representatives from a number of the instrument manufacturers will be on hand to help to find the perfect new intermediate or professional level instrument. It will be held from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. at Bridgeway Christian Academy, 4755 Kimball Bridge Road in Alpharetta.”

Super Duper Important Announcement Regarding the Disney Trip

clipcogsworthTime is running out for your final payment towards the Disney trip. All trip balances must be paid in full by next Monday, November 3rd, 2014 to be able to participate in the trip. After November 3rd, those with remaining balances will forfeit their reservation and all previous payments. There will be no refunds offered after November 3rd. Prior to November 3rd, you are eligible for a refund of all payments, less the $100 deposit and any online payment fees. These policies have been in place since the trip was announced and are necessary to meet our obligations and secure the proper number of rooms and transportation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

The Booster Officers will be at the Band Room on Monday, November 3rd, from 5pm – 7pm to accept payments and answer any questions about the trip. You may also continue to send in your payments to Mrs. Dothard or online through Monday, November 3rd.

If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Band Staff or Band Booster Officers or email us at:

This is going to be a fabulous trip to Disney. Have a magical day!

Joe & Allison Driver
CHS Band Booster Presidents



Itinerary & Volunteer Sign-Ups Released for This Week’s Game & Trick or Treat Village

carrollton-trojans-helmetWe have a big Friday night ahead of us… Our Trick or Treat Village event, a huge game against our rivals, the Sandy Creek Patriots, and our ultra cool Halloween Halftime Show. Should be a lot of fun!

In preparation for these events, here is this week’s itinerary and volunteer sign-up links so that you can plan, prepare and participate in the fun!


Carrollton vs Sandy Creek @ Grisham Stadium (8th Grade night);  202 Trojan Dr, Carrollton, GA 30117 – Friday, October 31, 2014

  • 5:00pm – All students (8th & HS) report for pizza in the HS Band Room & to help with Trick or Treat Village
  • 6:15pm –All students (8th & HS) report, in costume, to practice field to prepare for pre game.  
  • 7:30pm – Kick – Off
  • Half-time – All students (8th & HS) perform special Halloween show
  • 10:30pm* – All students (8th & HS) pick-up at CHS Band Room
    (*approx. times, watch CHS Tojan Band Facebook, Twitter & text messages for updates on more precise departure and arrival times)


To volunteer your time and talents at this week’s game, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.
To volunteer for the Trick or Treat Village, please sign-up now or visit our Volunteer page.

Please note, volunteer sign-ups allows us to comply with the school’s request to better manage volunteer gate entry. You must sign-up each week in order to receive volunteer gate entry. For home games we will be issuing volunteer wristbands to those that sign-up, otherwise, you will be asked to purchase a ticket by the gate attendant to enter the game.

Volunteers who sign up to help during half time will need to dress in all black please.

Thank you for your continued support. GO TROJANS!

CHS Band Staff & Band Boosters


Trick or Treat Village

2014TrcikorTreatVillageThe Trojan Band, along with other campus groups, like the CHS Cheerleaders, will be hosting a Trick or Treat Village at Grisham Stadium, on Friday, October 31, 2014. The Trick or Treat Village will be open from 5:00pm-7:00pm inside Grisham Stadium, on the track behind the scoreboard. This will be for kids ages 0-12 that are present for the game. Admission to the game will be required to participate. Also, please remember that no masks or face coverings are allowed on campus. Candy and treats will be distributed while supplies last. We are inviting any and all interested Trojan Nation parents to help with this event by setting up a themed table or tent, decorating, and providing and handing out candy. We are also asking for donations of candy from the entire community, as well as asking that every band student bring in 1 to 2 bags of candy to hand out that night as well. Students participating in the night’s event are encouraged to dress up in school appropriate and modest costumes that do not interfere with their performing responsibilities. The evening will be topped off with a special Halloween performance by the Trojan Band during half-time. Students will help at the Trick or Treat Village until their respective call times. This night should be a lot of fun, so make plans to get involved and be at Grisham Stadium Friday night as we celebrate Halloween, our school, our community and hopefully a big win over our rivals, Sandy Creek!

If you are willing to set up a table, tent, sponsor one by donating candy, or offer your time and talents that eventing, please take a moment to sign-up so we can better plan. Sign up here: Trick or Treat Village Volunteer

Participants are encouraged to dress up. Best table will be recognized at the game!

Let’s celebrate our journey!

***Sorry that this was first published incompletely!  I was on my phone driving home from a  pumpkin carving event, but wanted to get this post out 🙂 Thank you T-Maybe for your ultra convenient spots of lost service.***  The following is what I intended to publish.  Thankfully WordPress has a “Revision History” and it was preserved there by the grace of God! : )

It’s so true that success is the journey and not the outcome. I am so blessed and privileged to work with a family who understands this truth. Although our journey is not over, we should take a moment to celebrate the growth that we have achieved this season.

As I shared with students before we took the field for our final competitive performance together as the 2014 CHS Trojan Marching Band, I know exactly how our band students felt starting this season with a new director. Both in high school and in college I had the opportunity of getting to know a new band director at the start of my senior year. On both occasions I was faced with uncertainties and anxieties about the season ahead. Bands are families with unique bonds built from trusting and depending on each other to achieve success. I appreciate everyone, students, staff, and parents, welcoming me into the family and allowing me to experience this journey as your director. The success that we have experienced wasn’t achieved by any one individual, but the determination and persistence of the collective individuals in pursuit of the same goal. For this we must celebrate!

We should celebrate the highly motivated and caring individuals who are our students. They hear, “One more time,” and understand that it is necessary for us to succeed together. They hustle back for each other, practice their individual parts for each other, and strive to give their personal best on a daily basis. They have held extra sectionals to fix the smallest details and organized secret pals to show their love and support for one another.

We should celebrate our supportive community and highly resourceful and active band parent organization. The efforts of these individuals on a daily basis to allow their children to participate, preparing props to add to the overall show, mending uniforms, creating costume accessories, loading equipment, hauling trailers all across our state, providing moral support and encouragement to do our best, and being our biggest fans to inspire us to give it our all, is a difference maker. Thank you for all the things listed and the ones I failed to mention. You guys handle so many things sometimes I question if anyone really knows all of the ways in which we are supported by our parents and community.  We are grateful for you and appreciative of your support!

We should celebrate our passionate and knowledgeable staff. Thank you for always having the best interest of the students in mind when preparing lessons and working together to provide the best possible instruction for our students. Your tireless efforts and passionate individual enthusiasm is inspiring to all.

We should celebrate our supportive school and administration. Dr. Albertus was once again in attendance at our competition assisting with our prop crew and cheering on our students. We are very fortunate to be shown regularly how important our students and program are to our school and community. Thank you, Dr. Albertus for making us a priority.

Finally, we should celebrate our family. People who are undoubtedly leaving a LEGACY at CHS that will be remembered long after they graduate. I am honored to be a part of it. We know that it is the sum of all of our parts that makes us truly special. No one plays a role too large or too small to be celebrated. Thank you all for working together and having fun in the process! Congratulations Band Family for the accolades won last night. But more importantly, congratulations on inspiring people to cheer, move, conduct, and “throw babies!” Another standing ovation from a critical crowd who understands our art form. BRAVO! And many lasting memories were made with friends who will stand the test of time. I look forward to the many other successes that we will achieve together as we continue this journey!

See you tomorrow! *Reminder practice will be finished at 5:00PM on Monday. We will begin learning drill for our Halloween show. Looking forward to Friday night!